What is STOIK?

STOIK has successfully supported many SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) by combining our knowledge of business owners’ needs with various government supports available to small and medium size business owners. Additionally, we have dealt with several banks over the years in different capacities. As a result our consultants to clearly understand different views that banks have of business owners. This enabled our clients to benefit from different financing and support options.

Our Service Portfolio

Company Formations and Amendments

We help simplify the business establishment process, enabling investors to focus on their business operations, rather than legal framework. 

Project & Working Capital Financing

We help drive business growth of SMEs in Bahrain by enabling our clients to obtain debt financing from Banks at subsidized interest (or Profit) rates. 

Tamkeen Subsidy Support

We assist business owners in their Tamkeen application by  developing detailed feasibility studies to get maximum financial support to business owners. 

Private Equity Advisory

We enable SMEs to obtain equity finance from private investors by creating effective investment pitch to obtain compelling business valuations . 

Our Commitment

 As an SME ourselves, we fully understand the challenges of Small and Medium size business owners in Bahrain. We are therefore, completely committed to help our fellow entrepreneurs in overcoming their business challenges. So as entrepreneurs embark on their journey to explore business success, STOIK will be the constant companion, guiding SMEs through their different business growth stages.